General fitness training (GFT)

GFT (general fitness training) for young people

Our sports club has GFT training groups for young people aged from 6 to 17 years of age. School-aged children are open and curious. This is the time to introduce them to different activities and hobbies. An emphasis is put on promoting a love for sports through positive training experiences, not particularly focusing on becoming a top athlete. Attention is paid to acquiring the correct techniques of particular sports, which gives a good basis for the future training of the child. The training is suitable also for children with weight issues and it is also possible to get advice for healthy nutrition.

Trainings introduce the basic skills of different traditional sports (light athletics, ball games, gymnastics, and weightlifting) and movement games are also important. The trainers wish to carry out as many trainings in open air as permitted by weather. These will take place at the school stadium. Rest of the time, the youth will be active in the sports hall, ball-games hall or gym.

In spring and summer, young people can participate in traditional week-long training camps and competitions.

Clothing for training
For the GFT training of young people in autumn, we advise to take along both a short and long tracksuit and to wear sneakers as the trainings take place on the outdoor stadium as often as possible.