Our club is involved in achievement sports on the level of Estonian and European Championships. We compete as teams and on an individual basis in the youth and junior age groups.

In addition, the club includes individual professional athletes who compete both in Estonia and on the international level.

Our sports club trains and competes on the achievement sports level at two different sports.

At the club, it is possible to train the following: weightlifting and powerlifting.

Athletes, whose achievements are among the best in the club, can agree with their trainer and the management of the club to use the club’s facilities and receive special instruction on the basis of the special conditions set by the trainer.

SK Jõud Junior is also a member of two sports federations:

  • Estonian Weightlifting Federation (Eesti Tõstespordiliit)
  • Tartu County Sports Federation (Tartumaa Spordiliit)

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